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Come and work with us!

A wide range of spaces available for rent.

Everyone should be able to find a space that suits their needs.

What can we offer you?


The big desk

A desk with a screen, keyboard and mouse in an open work space.

The day 4.000 ISK.

The week 10.000 ISK.

The month 25.000 ISK.


Fully equipped studio.

Meeting room for 1-2 people.


Half a day 5.000 ISK

Full day 8.000 ISK

The small desk

A desk in an open work space.

The day 3.000 ISK.

The week 8.000 ISK.

The month 20.000 ISK.




Meeting facility in a closed space for 8-12 people 

Large screen (bluetooth and HDMI port) and microphone.

Half a day 8.000 ISK.

Full day 13.000 ISK.



Next available desk

The day 2,500 ISK.

Students get facilities free of charge.

Kistan 8.jpg


Meetingroom for 2-4 people.


Half a day 6.000 ISK.

Full day 9.000 ISK.

Included in rent is access to queit spaces, wireless internet, printer and cafeteria.

Available offices for rent

Herðubreið- 15 sq. m - 50.000 ISK per month

Brimborg skrifstofa
Herðubreið skrifstofa
Herðubreið skrifstofa 1

The rental price includes access to the Internet, a printer, a cafeteria and closed meeting facility.

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